Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Help with changing front bearing on a 99 civic?

okay, i know a good amount of info about changing these(all info. no experience) i had just taken off my wheels and although this might sounds stupid but, how would i take the rest off to get the the bearings,





that whole part and the brakes to get the the bearings.

i read somewhere that you need an air impact driver to get the center center part out

little help please?Help with changing front bearing on a 99 civic?First you remove the brake caliper and brackets. remove brake rotors .That big 32mm or 36mm center nut holds the axle , bearing and hub together. U have to remove that nut and than with a slide hammer remove the wheel hub. Than u remove the steering knockle and take to a shop press and replace the bearing. than u put it all back the same way it was.. Good luck.Help with changing front bearing on a 99 civic?remove center nut and brake caliber two screws to push off rotor

type into search box

how to replace wheel bearing honda civic

how to replace hub bearing

check autozone.com

top of page says do it yourself

type in your car info finds place price an dget a how to do it
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