Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Need to change a bearing on a pt cruiser?

my pt cruiseer is an 06 and i wanna know how to change the front right side wheel bearing im a do it yourself type and i know what i need to change it i just want to know if there is a website that can show you step by step or if anybody knows how to do it step by step

thanksNeed to change a bearing on a pt cruiser?You will need a hydraulic press to press out the old bearings and press in the new ones.

Usually, you can purchase the bearings online and take them into the shop to have the pressing done the rest is a DIY.

Check out http://mibearings.com for new wheel bearingsNeed to change a bearing on a pt cruiser?I'd recommend getting a service manual, not the Haynes or Chilton type specifically, but a factory one or equivalent. I bought a service manual for my wife's PT from www.promanuals.net it was about 25 bucks or so. I had to call though, they don't have every manual listed on their website. But the number is a 800 one and they have a huge catalog. It came in about 3 or 4 days.Need to change a bearing on a pt cruiser?Take off your wheel, remove your brake caliper and remove the brake disc. You may have a metal hub in the center that you have to take off to access the bolt. Pull off your disc and you will have access to your wheel bearing.

Easy job. Make sure you get some wheel bearing grease.Need to change a bearing on a pt cruiser?joe where are you going to put the grease.