Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Changing wheel bearing?? help pls:)?

hey id like to change both the wheel bearings on the front of my holden barina 2008. can someone point me in a direction and how much are they usually. im from australia :)Changing wheel bearing?? help pls:)?I believe your car is front wheel drive based on the Daewoo.Loosen both front wheels jack the car up,support the body with blocks or trestles and remove the jack.Slacken the big nut on the end of the CV Joint.Remove the brake calliper (no need to disconnect the hydraulic brake pipe,just support the calliper)..Undo the track rod end and the top and bottom ball joint nuts and break the tapered connections.Remove the CV joint nut and tap the CV joint back through the hub and remove the hub.On a bench and in a vice remove the bearing by using a steel drift to knock out the inner tracks.Refit the new bearings by using a phosphorous bronze drift if you don't have a press.You can use the old tracks to start the bearing in the hub and then evenly tap the bearing home.Refitting is a reversal of removalChanging wheel bearing?? help pls:)?if it is front wheel drive it is not a do-it-yourself job as it needs a 15 ton press to get the old bearings off and the new ones on, if it is rear wheel drive then the bearings are adjustable but you still need a press to get the old race off and the new one on, there is no way a 2008 car would need new bearings unless something catastrophic has happened, they last 160000KmChanging wheel bearing?? help pls:)?unless you are a mechanic, its better to pay for someone to do it for you, and car bearings and semi expensive, labor generally isnt, but they usually go by hour so its up to you. srry this isnt really helpful, but ive done bearings on a couple things other than cars, and its tuff.
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