Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wheel Bearings?

How do you change the wheel bearing in a 1999 ford Escort front wheel drive,is it easy or are they pressed on and have to be serviced somewhere.Wheel Bearings?Well you need the special tools to do the work. Such as a big inpack wrench. A Slap-hammper with wheel adapter to put the fub apart. Bearing puller. And the proper tools to put it back together. Otherwise the drive axle could damage. And you need the tools to remoce the races. And installing tool or a press with the proper dies. The are best done in a shop with right tools. There are some model you hap to replace whole unit. The there is a real safety question. Cause you hap to take presure off the a fram.Wheel Bearings?if i'm not mistaken, the front end bearings are part of the hubs, meaning that they are pressed in the hubs. U have to remove the rotors, and also remove the steering knuckles. then send the steering knucles to a machine shop to have the bearings replaced.Wheel Bearings?Hydraulic press is needed.