Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is it hard to change one wheel bearing (front)?

I have a hyundai elantra that i just bought and it makes a loud noise, a mechanic saw it said it's the wheel bearing on the front right side.

they charge a lot, im just a poor college kid. I can't even pay for my lunch... so this fat mechanic wanted all this money.

How hard is it to change it? can someone guide me.

I don't know anything about cars but im good at following instructions.

Hyundai 98 elantra, it's a small car.Is it hard to change one wheel bearing (front)?Best thing to do is go to an auto parts store and buy a Haynes shop manual for your particular model/year of car (they are not expensive), and see what the process is for taking them off. I have a rear-wheel drive car, so I dont know how much different it is, but the only thing I found difficult was that the bolt is quite tight and it helps to have a very large socket wrench or a breaker bar. You can probably buy a bearing for $30-40, maybe even less.Is it hard to change one wheel bearing (front)?Without specialized better than average 1/2%26quot; metric sockets, 16%26quot; ratchet or breaker bar, three finger 5 ton puller, pitman arm puller, jack stands, and a one pound maul you'd be better off going hungry and paying the %26quot;fat man%26quot;. Call all over town and get the best price. E-mail and I'll fully explain how to go about this. Without the necessary tools you're sunk.

You can rent for free the two pullers at Auto Zone but you still need the sockets, wratchet or breaker bar jack-stands and hammer which you'll have to borrow, steal or come up with.

The best two places in town to buy the wheel bearing hub assembly is NAPA (SKF) or Carquest (Timkin). Don't even think about buying an off-shore wheel bearing for $10.00 less, they're junk.Is it hard to change one wheel bearing (front)?It's not hard changing out the wheel bearing as long as u got the required tools.

Takes time.Is it hard to change one wheel bearing (front)?You don't have the tools to do it. Main tool you need is a press.