Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wheel Bearing change?

I have bee researching a noise coming from the front of the car and all symptoms point to a wheel bearing.

How much would I expect to pay (parts and labour) for a wheen bearing change on a 53 plate Diesel Vectra??

Thanks in anticipationWheel Bearing change?the strut has to be taken off to be put in a press to remove the old bearing and anew one pressed in and reassembled, bearing and lab 100 to 120Wheel Bearing change?wheel when i was still working with vauxhall they didnt sell wheel bearings seperate it came as a hub assembly and was a sealed unit

here its for sale for 105 a side your looking about an hour and a half to 2 hours labour to do 2


so for two wheel bearings supplied and fitted pay around 280

but to be sure the wheel bearings are faulty jack the car up and spin the wheel as fast as poss whilst holding on to spring if its gubbed you will feel a rumble through the springWheel Bearing change?the drive shafts run on wheel bearings,about 60Wheel Bearing change?your looking at about80.00 all togetherWheel Bearing change?It's front wheel drive. It has driveshafts, not wheel bearings
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