Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to change 02 f-150 front wheel bearings?

i noticed a kind of humming noise coming from the front of the truck, my gut reaction is its the bearings going out. if i remember correctly its a pretty straight forward process.

1. remove wheel

2. remove caliper

3. remove the bearing cap

4. remove the spindle nut

5. remove rotor and replace bearings

pretty sure thats the sum of it, but do any you need any special tools? its been a while since i've done any bearing work and now i at college at my tool arsenal is basically limited to a 100 or so piece craftsman set.How to change 02 f-150 front wheel bearings?You'll need a brass punch.

The oil seals %26amp; bearings come out easy enough but use the brass punch to knock out the races. The new bearings will come with new races.

An arbor press is best to press in the new races but you can use the brass punch and carefully tap them in making sure they go in straight and evenly as you gently tap all around them in. Take your time and make sure the races are bottomed out. Pack bearing grease into the bearings before installing them.

Hope this helps.How to change 02 f-150 front wheel bearings?no special tools is required,a good socket set channel lock players or the right size wrench to remove the spindle nut,tap out the rear bearing cap to remove the rear bearing,you should also replace the bearing race in the router,repack the bearings with a good bearing grease then replace router.make sure you tightened the spindle nut to the right specks,not too tight or loose.also replace a new cotter pin.