Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How would I change the wheel bearing on my 1993 Saturn SL2?

I am pretty much a diy guy for everything. I slid my car into a curb a long time ago and replaced a lot of parts. Unfortunately my wheel bearing was off, and caused the front passenger wheel to go completely bald down to wires. I, like a fool, decided maybe it would be good to have a %26quot;professional%26quot; that a friend referred me to handle this one. I like doing my own work so that I know what all I did, and I can usually trace it back. This guy was very unprofessional, called me angrily saying he needed more money because apparently the half-shaft for an automatic is different than a manual (my car). He said that would need to be replaced, and a spindle (which should've came with it, as it came from a junkyard). Anyways, I continued this foolish game. When it was all finally done, he brought the car to me (the shop was just down the street), and I drove him home. I noticed the wheel was making a rubbing noise, and he said it was nothing, and it should go away. I drove it around for a while, but I have a different car that I had been driving instead (the a/c works). Months later, I decided to drive the saturn around and it is still making this rubbing noise. One of the motor mounts had been rotted, and I replaced it, which helped a lot, but the wheel is still making this rubbing noise. I am pretty sure it is not rubbing against anything, but it is hard to tell because the %26quot;professional%26quot; put the tire back on with an impact wrench and I can't get the wheel off. Any ideas? If it is the wheel bearing...how would I replace it? I believe they are sealed bearings, but I'm not sure if it needs to be pressed out or if I could hammer it out and a new one in.How would I change the wheel bearing on my 1993 Saturn SL2?if your going to change the bearing, i,ll tell you the way i do it. i pound the old bearing out and i put the new bearing in the freezer and when i,am ready for it, it will slip right in. steel will shrink when they are cold and expand when it warms up. buy the bearing, put it in the freezer for about a day or 2, pound the bearing out, take the new bearing and put it in a ice chest and when your ready for it, it should slip right in where the old 1 came out. i did that several times.How would I change the wheel bearing on my 1993 Saturn SL2?Buy a repair manual for the car and do what it says.