Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wheel bearing repair messing up brakes?

Hi. I have an 03 Oldsmobile Alero. Yesterday at the local garage I had my front drivers side wheel bearing replaced. Yesterday when I was driving the couple of miles home I noticed something was different. It was steering great but the breaks seemed %26quot;loose%26quot;. I pressed them and they didnt seem as %26quot;tight%26quot; as usual. I drove it about twenty miles today and the breaks are just completely jacked up. They were barely even catchin, they were 10 times more delayed. Just wondering...what could have messed them up.. the pads were recently changed and the rouders just wondering what could the mechanic have done to mess things up. and how much would parts cost. thank you.Wheel bearing repair messing up brakes?when the mechanic took the front apart to replace the bearing he would have had to remove the brake calipers from the rotors. Most of the time they don't have to be taken off completely but can be laid aside. If it was completely removed he may not have bled the brakes after reinstalling. If not taken off he may have damaged the brake line when setting it aside. If the brakes are soft and getting worse I would assume there is air in the system. Either take it back and demand it be fixed (free) or take it to another mechanic to have the brake system checked.Wheel bearing repair messing up brakes?You need to have it looked at immediately. The brakes could go completely out. It sounds like they done something wrong when they had it apart.Wheel bearing repair messing up brakes?If it wasn't doing it prior, get it back to the shop and tell them what's up. Parts should cost nothing, neither should labor.Wheel bearing repair messing up brakes?replacemet of a wheel baring on your car shouldent have caused a issue with your braking system but i would have it looked @ aswell as the baring by whome instaled may have anothr issue??