Thursday, June 2, 2011

What is Wrong Here in Ford Car?

'00 Ford Contour SE 4 cylinder, 2.0 Engine Front Wheel Drive.

I have a problem where my car vibrates on the freeways and if l'm just driving on the streets, I can hear a low grinding sound... I was told I needed the sway bar links, transmission mounts %26amp; Motor mounts and lower control arms replaced. I have just replaced The Transmission %26amp; engine mounts last year. The sway bar links are covered with grease and the round ends have exposed metal. They said the rubber parts on the lower control arms where worn out. I posted pictures here so you can see the area's I'm talking about. The control arms look like they are lifted or seperated when the car is on the ground, is this how it suppose to look? the transmission is a little too close to the frame, is that normal? Also I posted a picture of the cv because it shows a part that is like a gear, don't know if that's how it suppose to be. It's alot because I tried to get different views. I have changed the cv half shaft, wheel bearing, brake pads %26amp; rotors, and tires, on the side were the vibrating is coming from. Could this be what is causing the 2 problemS? . Thanks. is Wrong Here in Ford Car?the trans-axle is usually about 1/4 inch from frame, just make sure it doesn't rub, could have bad hub bearingWhat is Wrong Here in Ford Car?The %26quot;gear%26quot; is the ABS brake sensor wheel. That is used to read whether the wheel is turning or the brakes locked up in a skid. That is most liely not your problem unless you feel the brakes pulsing. Take it to a mechanic at this point. Look at how much you spent for no reason.