Thursday, June 2, 2011

How many "mechanic hours" should be charged?

I am needing to know how many mechanic hours I should be charged to change a wheel bearing on a Escape in the front and to change a rear end on a Z71 truck.How many %26quot;mechanic hours%26quot; should be charged?You are looking at 30 min. to 1hr %26amp; 30 min. I think about an hour should be charged. Make sure you get a price before the work is done.

Also, if you want to save money on new wheel bearings, i suggest http://mibearings.comHow many %26quot;mechanic hours%26quot; should be charged?I believe the frt bearing on an Escape is a hub type bearing and requires disassmbly of the brake system to replace..Shoulbe 1-11/2 hours at most for one side..If you are changing the complete rear axle housing I would expect about 4 hours..If just the center section ..about an hour and 1/2How many %26quot;mechanic hours%26quot; should be charged?Wheel bearing est.1.5 hrs rear end 4.0 hrs. a good knowledgeable mechanic can do this by the time indicated..go to and search mac chart punch in your question and sometimes the site will assist on estimated time also.How many %26quot;mechanic hours%26quot; should be charged?Taking in to account any unforseen porblems... 1 hour maximum for the wheel bearing and 5 hour maximum for the rearend. Example minus parts cost: 6 hours labor at $75HR = $450 in labor alone.How many %26quot;mechanic hours%26quot; should be charged?wheel bearing on a truck about 30 minute job or less not much harder than removing a tire i could do it in a hour or lessHow many %26quot;mechanic hours%26quot; should be charged?on the escape it should take no more than half an hour