Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to replace front end bearings in 2000 FORD TAURUS?

My car has been making a loud humming noise and I think it's the bearings. I called dealership they say its (bearing) sold as a whole assembly (wheel hub). I've changed bearings before but not a wheel hub. Is it hard? I want to give it a shot. Will I need special tools? Any websites that can help?

Thanks,How to replace front end bearings in 2000 FORD TAURUS?If you are familiar with the procedure on replacing front brakes yourself, it's not too difficult. However, you will need some special tools for this particular job, on this particular vehicle. Firstly, jack up the front of the vehicle as far as possible. Second, remove both front wheels. Remove the two 12mm bolts securing the brake caliper to the bracket. Using a broken piece of coathanger, hand caliper up on one of the spring coils. Using a 1/2%26quot; drive short 15mm socket and johnson bar, remove the two 15mm bolts securing the caliper bracket and pads to the steering knuckle. Using a 30mm impact socket with impact gun, remove the axle nut. Using an impact 21mm or 13/16%26quot; socket and impact gun, remove the lower ball joint nut. Using an air hammer with a pointed end, hammer end of shaft INWARD, until shaft moves freely on the hub. Using a pitman arm puller, separate the ball joint from the lower arm. Using the same 15mm impact socket, remove the three bolts that secure the hub to the steering knuckle. Using the air hammer, chisel the hub and bearing assembly from the steering knuckle. Installation is reverse of removal. Hope this helps.How to replace front end bearings in 2000 FORD TAURUS?Do you remove the steering knuckle from the car? I am having difficulty removing the hub from the steering knuckle.

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How to replace front end bearings in 2000 FORD TAURUS?you need the whole hub for this car. remove the tire the release the axle bolt. remove the brakes the caliper and the rotor. after that you will see 3 or 4 nuts or bolts behind the rotor loosen them and knock on the axle towark the car. then you have to remove the whole assembly. you got to know what you are doing.How to replace front end bearings in 2000 FORD TAURUS?most of the other answers are right on, however, depending on where in the country you live, you could have a bunch of corrosion between the steel hub and the aluminum steering knuckle, i did one a few weeks ago and it busted my a$$ and didn't want to come apart, i used a slide hammer with a hub adapter(places like pepboys have them you could borrow) and after some swinging and cursing it came outHow to replace front end bearings in 2000 FORD TAURUS?I recommend replacing the hub and bearing assembly as one unit. In most cases when replacing just the bearing, the hub is usually scored by the old bearing and then once its installed your right back at square one with the same problem. Its not a job for amateurs and if not properly installed, you could get hurt while driving. Try to get someone with some automotive repair background to coach you if you insist on doing the job yourself. Its not worth trying to save money if you do the job wrong.

Good luck!How to replace front end bearings in 2000 FORD TAURUS?okay sparky..well its easier than you will need a manual on how to do it like a haynes you can get them at autozone or even at a book store..and then get your parts and jack up the front end and remove the tires and have you ever done the brakes on the front will have to remove all that stuff and the rotor as well..then romove the coter pin and caskel nut and then remove the hub and if the bolts dont come with the new one you will have to remove the old ones or get new ones...and once you put in the new bolts place the hub on too the spindell axel and replace the nut and pin and do the brakes..and then the put the tires back on..and lower the car and dont forget to tighten every thing..I never have done this before but I have seen it done on tv..good spell check..this time..