Thursday, June 2, 2011

How do you remove the spindle from the knuckle?

My Dad is changing the bearings on the front passenger side of my Nissan Sentra Classic 1992. (front wheel drive) He have the tool for the bearing. Except we can't get to them. He's gotten to the point where he can see the bearings on one side (the side the faces towards the motor). However, we can't figure out how to remove the spindle from the knuckle (the outside facing part). That's the part that hooks up to the wheel with 4 bolts sticking out. Thank you.How do you remove the spindle from the knuckle?There's no such thing as a %26quot;spindle%26quot; on the front end of FWD cars. The stub shaft of the CV shaft serves that purpose. Kind of. And since you've already removed the CV....

Maybe this will help; do you remove the spindle from the knuckle?remove the lower control arm joint, the tie rod joint, and the strut. remove the cv shaft nut and remove any bolts that might be holding a brake hose on.How do you remove the spindle from the knuckle?theirs a tool out there that you can pull the gear off the spindle you would have to look it you im not sure what it's called tho