Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is this a bad wheel bearing?

My car shakes pretty bad when I'm driving. Its more of a wobble at 20/30 mph, but its more of a violent shaking at 40/50/60 mph. I jacked the front end up and shook the tires back and forth and it was a little loose. Not much, but there was some %26quot;leeway%26quot; with a faint knocking sound. Now, Im pretty sure the tire was the only thing moving, not the tie rod (thats the only thing i could see without taking the tire off). Is there anything else that could be the culprit besides the wheel bearing? If so, how can you find out?Yes it does. When I'm on the expressway going 55-60 mph, I'll try to keep it within that range or else if I let off the gas its tends to shakes slightly more. It seems as if I keep my foot on the gas, then it wont be as bad of a vibration as if i would let off. Is it a pain to change out the bearing yourself?

heres a video;current=P4280135.flvIs this a bad wheel bearing?Number one you should do that test with the tire on to give you more leverage. Number two the should with the tire on support the lower control arm and load it with all the vehicle weight. The grab the tire top and bottom and do the same wiggle type test as you did for the wheel bearing and tie rod ends. The trouble you are describing sound more like a tire with a separated belt or possibly a C/V joint that is sticking. With both front wheels off the ground have someone start the car and pull in drive. Have them release the brakes and you look at both front tires. They should be smooth with no big bumps or side ways movement in them. If they have movement one way or the other it could be the tires or possibly a bent rim. If all seems good then you could have an axle shaft sticking. You will need to go to the repair shop for this one must likely.Is this a bad wheel bearing?if it a bad wheel bearing when u driving and hear a humming sound or sumtimes a screeching sound most of the time it is and if ur car has more than 100 thousand miles on it its time to change themIs this a bad wheel bearing?try tighting the big bolt in the center

if its still like that you can unscrew the bolt an see whats going on
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