Thursday, June 2, 2011

How much it will cost?

How much it will cost to change one of the wheel hub bearing with ABS at the front wheel of my 1996 SL saturn?and labor?How much it will cost?1996: 1.9L, 4 Cylinder.. wheel hub bearing with ABS cost you apprx $95 and the labor cost varies depending on the service and the state you live in hope this helps good luck :)How much it will cost?The bearing itself should not be too expensive, but I recommend calling around to check several shops and see what they charge per hour of labor. Also, keep track of the time the car is being worked on, some shops will try to charge you book time, which means they look in a book, it tells them the amount of time the job normally takes, then charge you that price, whether or not it was a shorter time. But if it is a longer time, they will charge you for the actual time. This is a common practice, but you don't have to take it, time them as the work, you already know their rate per hour for labor, and don't let them charge you more than the time they worked.How much it will cost?In response to your question. There is a published manual with the alloted time, parts prices may vary depending on shop mark up and quality. If you call around they should be able to give you definite quotes.

In response to Fank T. I don't understand why so many people on this site try to slap maechanics around. I am an HONEST shop owner and mechanic. Book time is book time and that is what you charge the customer. If I do it faster, wich is usually, that is to my benefit. It is because I know what I am doing, and I haave spent the money on the proper tools to do the job correctly. If it takes me longer, that is my problem. Customer still gets charged book time. If I can't make money, then I need to find a new career.

All of the shop owners I know operate like this. I wouldn't associate with one that didn't. I understand you can get robbed very easily. But find someone your comfortable with and you should be ok. Most of us are just trying to make an HONEST dollar.