Thursday, June 2, 2011

Low Noise and electrical problem?

' 00 Ford Contour SE. Front wheel drive

My car has a low grinding noise any time I drive on the street or freeway. It only happens when I'm driving %26amp; not when parked in idle. The noise comes from one side of the car. It sounds like its metal grinding on metal but its not that loud. Its coming from under the pedals on the left side of the car. I have changed the wheel bearings %26amp; Cv shaft that goes from the wheel to the transmission. I was told it could be the hub assembly, is that true,can a worn out or damaged hub assembly cause the noise? Since i replaced the wheel bearing and left the hub assembly there, do i now have to replace the wheel bearing too? what can it be? maybe the tie rod?

electrical problem -

the power locks control switch on the driver %26amp; front passenger side doors don't work, they don't lock any of the doors. How can i find the problem?

Thank You.Low Noise and electrical problem?I'm not all that sure about your noise problem but on your electrical is probably a fuse or like some dealerships they unplug the cord to the switch to make more money off of you. Check your fuses and if thats not it take the door panels off and see if they are unplugged.HOPE IT HELPED!!!